PPA logoOnce again, we have been applauded as the “standard bearers” for Excellence in Publishing Education, delivering “really employable graduates”

After an intensive accreditation audit by the Professional Publishers Association (PPA), we have successfully secured accreditation – for the maximum period of time!

The Professional Publishers Association (PPA) represents around 220 companies, ranging from consumer magazine publishers to business-to-business data and information providers, customer magazine publishers and smaller independent companies. http://www.ppa.co.uk/about/

We are the ONLY Publishing studies programme to have secured this highly coveted endorsement by industry!

We are thrilled to retain our position as “standard bearers” and are extremely grateful to our students who very generously gave of their time to meet with the PPA Accrediting Panel during a busy day of magazine production. You are “a credit” to us – to quote the Accreditation Panel – and “really employable graduates!”

Thank you all and congratulations!