SONY DSCThe impact on anyone walking into one lecture this week was extremely impressive, highly memorable (and perhaps even slightly disturbing!). A room full of moustache-wearing Publishing students, sporting eye patches and other pirate wear was a sight to behold!

It was clear that a great deal of effort had been put in by all, however special mention must go to: Jack for his moustache/beard collection; Harriet for her Viking/pirate hat; Maya for having a shirt with a moustache on it, and especially Eve for baking moustache biscuits for everyone to enjoy – very creative and tasty!

With the (great!) help of Rebecca (Conway), photos have placed on our new Twitter account @EdNapierPublish  

We would encourage you to follow this account and post your own moustache photos from the day and help spread the word.

And, lastly, thanks to Professor Linda Dryden for being able to join us for the photo.