Image courtesy of The Media Company
Image courtesy of The Media Company

It was the placement module that initially attracted me to the MSc Publishing course last year, as now more than ever it is necessary to have relevant experience in your chosen field. So it was with great enthusiasm that I began my ten day placement with The Media Company who produce the Foodies, Living Abroad and Edinburgh Festivals Magazines as well as organizing the annual Foodies Festival that takes place up and down the country over the Summer months.

As my interests are in marketing and publicity, I settled nicely into the small marketing team to promote the upcoming Foodies Festivals. This largely revolved around getting well acquainted with Microsoft Excel to create several databases and making a plenty of phone calls to large companies who were local to the festival locations offering exclusive tickets to their staff. The calls were well received and made a great impact on the numbers of festival-goers and food adorers who attended the event over the weekends.

One day that stood out to me in relation to marketing effort was putting together goody boxes filled with all sorts of delicious treats and press releases about the festivals. This was sent out to radio DJs and television presenters for them to give their listening audience information about the festivals. It was definitely an experience to spend a day putting together parcels for well-known presenters such as Nick Gimshaw and Graham Norton to open!

As well as exploring the marketing and publicity side of the company, I was also shown the editorial process and the hard work that goes into producing the monthly Foodies magazine and Edinburgh Festivals magazine. I was amazed at how much research goes into both magazines, as the editorial staff are constantly on the lookout for new cookbooks, recipe trends, chefs and all the latest culinary news. So I had the chance to put on my investigatory hat and explore the web for the latest goings on within the world of food and drink in Scotland. This was much tougher than I had initially imagined, but the few news pieces and local festivals I found were contacted and asked for permissions and high-resolution images and information about their events or products.

My time at The Media Company was well spent, and despite thinking I would be faced with a mountain of baked goods for the Foodies magazine when I entered the office (which sadly was not the case), the office staff were all extremely warm and welcoming and even brought in home made cake to mark my last day! I would highly recommend a placement at The Media Company to anyone that is interested in marketing and event management as experiencing first hand what goes in to the annual Foodies festival was invaluable.

For more information on the upcoming Foodies Festivals please visit: or follow them @foodiesfestival