Bright Ideas at Bright Red Publishing

From the beginning, it was the Placement Module that attracted me most to the MSc Publishing course. It seemed like a great opportunity to network within the publishing industry, as well as to develop confidence in my own technical and editorial abilities. It has also always been my wish to enter into the realm of educational publishing, preferably in an editorial capacity. As such, I was extremely fortunate and grateful to be offered a placement by the team at Bright Red Publishing, who were able to exceed all of my expectations.

Image courtesy of Bright Red Publishing
Image courtesy of Bright Red Publishing

Based in Edinburgh, Bright Red Publishing is Scotland’s leading independent educational publishers, and produces the top study guides for SQA exams, as well as the only Official SQA Past Papers and Answers. They boast many prestigious awards, including the IPA Education Publisher of the Year for both 2010 and 2011, and have very recently won the Edinburgh Local Business Accelerator Award (LBA) for 2013. It was refreshing to find myself in a work environment where determination, professionalism and hard work really paid off.

Image courtesy of Bright Red Publishing
Image courtesy of Bright Red Publishing

I was received warmly, and given the opportunity to discuss my career aims and objectives, which allowed me to elaborate on the kind of work I was keen to undertake during and after my placement. Throughout my time there, I was always encouraged to ask questions about the company, and about the work I was doing, which was easy as everyone was very friendly and approachable. It was an added bonus that one of the team was a former Napier MSc student, who could relate to my experiences and offer additional support.

All through the placement I felt that I was given lots of support, and the opportunity to develop my proofreading and editing skills. It was particularly exhilarating to complete my first edit of an author’s original copy, and compile a set of author queries, which was then returned to me with the author’s response and changes. To visibly see the alterations you are making to a piece of text, and communicate these changes to an author is a pivotal and sometimes troublesome part of the editorial process, and it was compelling to experience it first hand.

Altogether I had a wonderful time at Bright Red, and aim to keep in contact with them during my (hopefully) prosperous future career. I would definitely recommend them as a host company to anyone.

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Author: KerenM

Business Development Assistant for HarperCollins Publishers. Follow me on Twitter @Rabbitrunrunrun

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