Image courtesy of Black & White Publishing

Black & White Publishing, based in Leith, Edinburgh, specialises in fiction, non-fiction and children’s books with a Scottish twist. Their children’s imprint, Itchy Coo, is solely in Scots. Black & White is a small company with an ever-revolving door of interns. Though everyone does have their designated roles – Publisher, Publishing Assistant, Marketing, Rights, Publicity – they all seem to have a hand in every aspect of the business in order to make their books successful.

They have a wide range of titles and the ones they are currently working with are varied, from football to knitting to young adult. They all do a very good job at being interested in every single genre they publish.

I have been interning with Black and White Publishing for the past month and it has been an intriguing and well-rounded experience. I have been a proof reader, a commissioning editor, a secret shopper, a moviemaker and a marketing assistant all in four short weeks.

The most exciting thing is how all of these jobs, and all of their jobs, impact each other. Janne Moller, the Rights Manager (and guru), is currently trying to garner interest in the United States for one of their series to be published. To do this, she has enlisted me to create a spread sheet of publications and bloggers that review books (and some that do more, in the form of blog tours, interviews, etc.) of the Young Adult paranormal fiction genre. This innovative tactic is intended to get the public interested in the book so a US publisher may pick it up. In this way, marketing is key to eventually selling foreign rights.

I have been learning a lot at Black & White both through hands-on tasks and speaking with the others in the office. I have very much enjoyed being part of a small and independent but well-established Edinburgh publishing company with a varied backlist. And the best part? 3pm tea time.

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