Here at Merchiston Publishing, we are all super excited for April 15th! London Book Fair is one of the largest industry events in our calendars, with the opportunity to showcase products and marketing material to 25 000 other publishing professionals.

For us, it’s our first time at LBF and a fantastic time to show off our developing publications and all the hard work we’ve done throughout the last seven months. Having all received our train tickets a few weeks ago, plans are now being finalised and we are almost good to go!

Everyone on Msc Publishing has contributed on some level to the individual and inspired marketing material that has been created for each of the publications being created. This year, the students are working on four publications: Robert Louis Stevenson’s Olalla, Christine Orr’s The Glorious Thing, Catherine Carswell’s The Camomile, and an ebook of Sunset Song by Lewis Grassic Gibbon. Negotiations for the rights to The Glorious Thing and The Camomile are still on going.

From teaching ourselves origami to utilising our InDesign skills to create flyers, and even spending a day stuffing giveaway bags with sweets, we are investigating a range of creative solutions to make each of our products stand out from the vast sea of new publications that will be showcased at London Book Fair.

“The Camomile” team worked on creating intricate paper teacups with a camomile teabag attached to entice readers interest in the project. So when they are browsing the live project through, they can relax, put they’re feet up and enjoy a nice free cuppa!

Above is our marketing material for Olalla. Clever folding of the paper allows for clever bite size glimpse of our promotional material!

Origami poppies was another idea to catch the attention of our WW1 Home Front novel set in Edinburgh – The Glorious Thing by Christine Orr – as well as beautifully designed postcards reminiscent of the era.

promo-camomile       IMG_0563       photo(2)       photo

Publishing Scotland have kindly allowed us use of their monitor located on their stand, which will be housing many creative, successful and influential Publishers based in Scotland; such as Black and White Publishing, Floris Books, Luath Press Ltd, Waverly Books and many more. On the monitor will be a collection of potential book covers, internal page design, AI sheets and promotional material in order to generate some interest ahead of our publication dates. All the students are very much looking forward to meeting book/magazine publishers and booksellers alike, perhaps attending one or two of the 250 events and seminars taking place at Earl’s Court over the course of the three day fair, and chatting with like-minded people to gain little insights into an industry we are all aspiring to be a part of.