This week saw the launch of our much anticipated Sponsume video for Olalla. Describing itself as ‘a creative way of funding creativity’, Sponsume is a crowdfunding website which put simply means that a crowd of generous people can come together to fund projects that they feel are worthy! Crowdfunding has become increasingly popular recently and the team felt that it would be a great way to involve others in our quest to print Olalla. Currently we are working to produce both an eBook and audio version of Robert Louis Stevenson’s forgotten classic but we would love to see our exciting new edition in print. For more details of how you can help us to achieve this then please have a look at our Sponsume page.

A big thank you to all those that helped in the making of the video; blood, sweat and tears were poured into its production and it’s certainly paid off! Our video was launched two days ago and we already have some very generous backers.