Image courtesy of Edinburgh City of Literature

Last Tuesday was (to my chagrin) the first time I attended the City of Literature Trust’s Literary Salon. Held in a small pub on the Mound (made even smaller by the large number of writers, readers, students, and the odd publisher in attendance) the trust’s Literary Salon upholds those traditions of the past: from the Parisian cafe meetings to the strong history right here in Edinburgh who’s literary salons were frequented by the likes of Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott.

February’s Salon delivered on its promise of informal and friendly chat. It was a great opportunity to practice my budding networking skills, boosting my confidence just enough with the free wine generously provided by Edinburgh Napier’s creative writing department. And although they say there are no speeches, the Traverse Theatre spoke, perhaps not briefly but interestingly and informatively, about their 50-year celebrations and what’s in store. Basically, though it was an animated and thoughtful night navigating the sea of book-people.