Located at Quartermile, just off the Middle Meadow Walk, is a recent addition to the Edinburgh City of Literature: Looking Glass Books. This independent book and coffee shop opened oImagenly in May 2012 and as a publishing student I was especially interested to stop over at the new place.

Comes out that Looking Glass Books is perfect for a little stop: sit down with a cup of coffee or a pot of tea and start reading your new favourite book. The friendly staff knows what is on their bookshelves and would be more than happy to recommend your next read. At Looking Glass Books customer care is at its best and it is excellent to see that it is met with customer loyalty to the local shop.

I was able to spend a part of my work placement at Looking Glass Books. This gave me a chance to peak into the daily life of the bookshop, widened my understanding of stocking and delivery issues, and introduced me to the marketing challenges of an independent bookshop. I can say that the placement module, together with all the courses thought on the programme, has given me an excellent overview of the book industry.

In addition to books, coffee and cakes, one can visit the Looking Glass Books for bookclub meetings and storytelling events. For more information on the shop and upcoming events go to their website, find them on Facebook or follow on Twitter.