Before I started my placement for a magazine images of Meryl Streep sprung to mind. What would I be getting myself in for? Surely long hours and piles of admin. Well partly, yes. But also a great team, lots of support and one-of-a-kind opportunities.

I was lucky to achieve a placement at The Media Company Publications Ltd – an Edinburgh based magazine publisher who run Foodies Magazine, Living Abroad Magazine, Edinburgh Festival Magazine and organise the seven national Foodies Festivals. Researching the company before I started I imagined the office to be filled with rows and rows of sales and editorial staff. However, as I entered the small basement office I found a relatively small team of 13 with freelancers making up the rest of the design, production and marketing departments. It shocked me to find that a team this small achieved so much – a daunting prospect for your first work placement!

I wanted to take advantage of my opportunity with a team this small and so asked to work in the marketing department. This meant promoting Foodies Festivals, beginning with the Hampton Court Palace event that would take place in a few weeks. I was given guidance of how to speak to bloggers – a fearsome bunch I was told, yikes! – and how the company usually markets its events. From here, however, I was given pretty free reign. I could contact companies to offer free tickets, send promotional materials, request reviews, send gift bags to radio DJs … whatever I thought best. I took the guidance but was thrilled to find my suggestions to be encouraged also.

Because The Media Company has such a small team it has been my job to fulfil a partially administrative role, compiling invoices and answering the phone. But I can’t complain – this gave me a greater insight into the company, and gave me experience with the business side of the industry. Further to this, working in a small team means that your efforts are noticed and you get the opportunity to have a say. It has been really wonderful having a chance like this.

It has been an invaluable opportunity to be able to assist in the marketing of such popular events, and feel that my work was making a difference. Before beginning my placement I was fairly sure that I wanted to work in marketing, though I had never actually done so. The Media Company Publications Ltd let me find out for myself if I really liked it – and I do, I love it! It’s hard work, it can be long hours; but when you see your efforts make an impact, it is so rewarding.