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Once upon a time, thirteen aspiring publishers waited impatiently for a titian-haired whirlwind to work her magic. Avril breezed into their midst and struck fear into the hearts of all who thought they were in for an easy ride.

The instructions and assignments mounted and shock became evident on the once-smiling faces of the students. Their quest was to embark on a live publishing project, which would lead them from the safe haven of theory into the challenging realms of practice. Toiling away from Craighouse Campus, they will face countless challenges such as choosing a story, assigning team roles and responsibilities and working within a tight budget to produce the finest book in the land. Still unfamiliar with each other, they will have to form a tight bond to overcome all obstacles.

Follow their story. Find out if their book will reach the shelves on time and allow them the ‘happily ever after’ they deserve!