Year of Conversation, Start with a Day

Together with @ayearofconversation2019 (and their Creative Director Tom Pow) we have been awarded funding to organise events around ‘Culture of Encounter: Creative Community Conversations’.

Working with Scottish Book Trust, the University of St Andrews, the University of Glasgow and the University of the West of Scotland, our project will raise awareness of the value of reading to help us understand ourselves more and enhance connection with others.

Look out for details of events soon.

Meantime, why not take time out to talk this weekend.
Saturday 11 May 2019 is ‘A Day of Conversation’.
Find out what’s on and how to get involved:

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A Year Of Conversation For Scotland

Scotland launches A Year of Conversation

Literacy and Libraries at London Book Fair

Most of my experience of my first London Book Fair as a MSc Publishing student this year was a dazed wander around the Olympia, trying to take as much in as possible and also not get overwhelmed. Publisher stalls were fit to burst, pathways were bustling with people, and panels were sometimes full to the brim. There were however two panels that weren’t as crowded but that I wish had been. Both explored the importance of literacy to the wider community, to society as a whole, and implored publishers to collaborate. I can’t begin to summarise the range of initiatives, expertise, and overall sense of hope that these panels gave me properly in this post but hopefully it communicates something of what I got out of those experiences. 

One half of London Book Fair 2019

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Travel Light: Our journey so far…

First draft
The first draft of our cover by William B. Hill

MSc Publishing students at Edinburgh Napier University are proud to be working on a brand new illustrated edition of Naomi Mitchison’s Travel Light.

We chose the title as a group and are involved with every step of its production, from researching the market, editing the text and commissioning original illustrations from William B. Hill. Hopefully we will resolve the complicated copyright issues soon, in which case the book will be launched and distributed freely to children’s libraries around Edinburgh, as well as the Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

Travel Light is the story of Halla, a princess cast out of her home as a baby by the new queen. She lives with bears, then dragons, and learns about treasure and heroes while taking on bearish and dragonish habits. Halla is visited by the All-Father who teaches her that there is no need to hoard treasure, and when Halla accepts this she truly learns to travel light.

Though this book was first published in 1952, the adventure and fantasy is still fresh and engaging today. We have had extremely positive responses from librarians who would be keen to host events promoting the book in their libraries, and to receive copies to share with their young readers. By bringing this book back to Edinburgh, we hope to show support for libraries in these challenging times and make reading an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

For updates on our project, please visit our Facebook page and our Travel Light blog