Can You Be a Parent and a Publishing Student?

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That’s lovely, darling. But wouldn’t you rather read a book?

When I applied to do MSc Publishing in June 2016, I had worked in various forms of publishing as a journalist, copywriter and editor, so deciding to study it seemed like the logical next step in my career. However, unlike the average student, I had been out of higher education for seven years and I also had a daughter (the spirited creature here) who had just turned two.

Now that I’m at the end of the second trimester of the course, I have some advice for any parents thinking of making a return to higher education, because I know from when I was researching courses that a lot of the information I read was tailored towards students who didn’t have any dependents.

I was not the first parent to go to university, and I will not be the last. I hope this blog post helps someone thinking of returning to university after a long break, or someone who is thinking of applying for a course for the very first time. Continue reading “Can You Be a Parent and a Publishing Student?”


Bookie Updates: Ah Dinnae Ken

Just wanted to share a quick post because we have had another exciting development today for our live project, Ah Dinnae Ken.

Recently thanks to one of our marketing team members, Jonny McIntosh! He was able to arrange a interview with STV to promote our newest project Ah Dinnae Ken as well as raise awareness for our topic of debate, Scottish National Identity, among teenagers.

The article will be available on their website of : STV Ah Dinnae Ken Article . It is also available on the new and free STV mobile app, under Edinburgh Napier University.

We would love to hear what you think of this article and your input is always welcome in regards to our projects.

We are continually updating our facebook page as well as our twitter feed @EdNapierPublish using the #AhDinnaeKen. Get in touch with us!