Alison Baverstock and Harriet Smart talk about Publishing

MSc Publishing students at Edinburgh Napier University were delighted to have the opportunity to get some inside information on publishing from two industry experts. Alison Baverstock, an experienced publisher and author, and Harriet Smart, a historical novelist with experience of both traditional and self-publishing, gave a talk on self-publishing followed by questions from the audience. After their presentation Alison and Harriet indulged two MSc Publishing students, Rosie Howie and Ruth Harrison, by allowing them an exclusive interview.

First of all, do you have any tips for getting a job in publishing?

AB: I do think a Masters is a good idea as it gives an understanding of the business as a whole. If you go straight into a publishing company, that gives you an idea of only that small part of the business. Continue reading “Alison Baverstock and Harriet Smart talk about Publishing”