Placement at Wyvex Media-Scottish Field Magazine

A Placement at an Edinburgh based magazine, albeit one that is 110 years old was an opportunity, which I grabbed, with both hands. Scottish Field may have a highly discerning readership, but the atmosphere in the office, which is shared with other Wyvex Media Publications, could not have been more welcoming.

At no point was I made to feel like an intern, instead I was given the job of sales support assistant, and I was made to feel part of the team straight away. This was helped by the fact that Brian Cameron, Sales Director invited me in a few days before the formal start to the placement to meet the team and find out more about the role I would be performing. I worked alongside the advertising sales team, chasing up product shots, images and copy to be featured in the June issue of the magazine. I was given my own desk, email and phone on the first day and it was a fantastic way to immerse myself in the magazine publishing environment. It was great to be able to liaise with clients myself, and I also learnt so much about the media sales process just from being surrounded by other staff.

I was also given the chance to devise ideas, research and write articles for the upcoming Town and Country Living Supplement for the July Issue of the magazine. I helped proofread and source pictures for this publication, a great way to practice editorial skills in a live environment.

I have to say the best aspect of my placement was seeing the schedule of a monthly magazine publisher, deadlines are vital and everyone works extremely hard. It wasn’t all work and no play though as I was invited along to work lunches and after work drinks, as well as being introduced to delicious Hummingbird Cake by brilliant baker Rachel.

I was asked to extend the placement to a 3rd week so I could follow through on the work I had been doing, and I was more than happy to do this. A great team, a really interesting magazine and a fantastic experience .


My Placement

While my course-mates decided to spend their placements in either the book or magazine publishing industry, I resolved to head a different direction. So I opted to see what it was like to be a newspaper publisher for ten days with Johnston Press.

Now I didn’t get a desk, because I had become a human pinball. Passed around, from slightly bemused employee to slightly bemused employee; demanding only one thing from them. Their knowledge and their experience.

I spent my first five days with the editorial department. Now in the Edinburgh office of Johnston Press, to say you are spending time with the editorial department means that you are splitting your time between two newspaper offices: The Scotsman/Scotland on Sunday and Edinburgh Evening News. To be frank, I do not have any formal journalistic training or any experience of reportage. Yet I did not allow this to hold me back … Continue reading “My Placement”

Bookie Updates: Submission Day!!

The whole team is busily beavering away, finishing up for the submission of both of our book projects for our final assessment – which will ultimately decide whether our books will be sent to our chosen printer, Bell and Bain!! We are all so excited for finally reaching this point, regardless of all the stressful days and numerous obstacles which have come our way – we are so close we can almost see the books!! When we look back on what we have managed to achieve: editing, financing, producing, negotiating rights and marketing TWO books in just 13 weeks – I can speak for all of us in saying how proud we are of ourselves and every member of our little Wednesday Team!!!


contents filigree2

In recent weeks we have been able to finalise so many things, from confirming the support of Cordelia Fine and Helen Sutherland who are providing a foreword and an author biography for one of our projects (GO Rights Team!), The Day Boy and The Night Girl – for more details check out our Project page: The Day Boy and The Night Girl – through to the production of the covers for both books, which are looking amazing. A  big well done to our awesome production team!!

Collectively we have done so much to pull together and we have been able to achieve so much!! The Publishing Degree Show is coming up very soon and is open to the public from Friday 23rd of May until the 1st of June. You are all welcome to come along and see this year’s projects. There are also opportunities for you to get involved and vote for our selected covers for Ah Dinnae Ken. There will be four to choose from and we would love to hear what you think about them and vote for the winner.

This is a sample of one of the covers that will be on show for Ah Dinnae Ken:

Rachel ADK V2

And one for The Day Boy and The Night Girl:


We are also continuing to approach independent bookshops across Edinburgh and even researching retailers further afield; however, our sales are strongly dependent on your interest. Therefore, if you are really interested in getting a copy of our illustrated edition we would love to hear from you, and hear which bookshops are convenient for you and which you would be interested in purchasing from.

If we can find reassure bookshops of the interest that exists, we can create more sales and make them more accessible to you. Please send us a comment or a Facebook message if there is anywhere you are particularly interested in. Any bookshops interested in buying a number of copies please feel free to contact us also.