My experience at Connect Communications

The decision to move to the UK and more specifically to Edinburgh to begin the MSc Magazine Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University, allowed me to learn a lot and have new and inspiring experiences. One of these has certainly been the placement at Connect Communications.

Between February and March, I spent, along with Isobel, five weeks at Scotland’s largest corporate publishing and creative communications company, which produces hundreds of magazines and manages to handle the great amount of work with passion and dedication every day. During my time at Connect I had the chance to have an insight of the publishing world and a real work experience. Continue reading “My experience at Connect Communications”

Alessia Gambarotto

AleMy name is Alessia Gambarotto, I’m 23, Italian, currently living in Edinburgh.

I come from Busto Arsizio, a city in the north of Italy close to Milan where I graduated last April in Foreign Languages and Literature with a dissertation on contemporary fantasy fiction and a special focus on Robin Hobb’s work, whose last book is now on my night table!

After a period of hesitation I decided to begin a Masters in the UK and that’s the reason why now I’m a MSc Magazine Publishing student at Edinburgh Napier University.

The future is uncertain, I don’t know where I’ll be in a few months, right now I’m here trying to achieve as much as possible from this new experience.

My writing style may seem dry, I’m not used to generating flows of words or public streams of consciousness. That’s me, I love reading other people’s words as much as I love keeping my thoughts just for me. This doesn’t mean I’m a kind of ogre allergic to people. I’m friendly – not always – chill and happy to hang out with friends, whether my moody mood allows me! On the flip side of the coin I enjoy my time alone, when I read or exploit the power of the internet watching TV series or movies.

Social networks both amuse and repel me. I’m social and not social, weird concept to explain but you can find me on Twitter, my nickname is ale_gambarotto or just follow this link:

Enjoy 😉