As part of the MSc Publishing degree at Napier I was encouraged to secure a publishing placement to gain first-hand experience in the publishing industry. I wanted to learn as much as possible and thought that it would be a good idea to choose an independent publisher based locally in order that I have the chance to work in all “departments” and to meet the publisher in person. I applied to Fledgling Press as a press publishing Scottish fiction and memoir. The experience I have gained at Fledgling Press has been both extensive and thoroughly enjoyable, thanks to Clare Cain, CEO of Fledgling Press.

Immediately Clare immersed me in the workings of the publishing house, assessing manuscripts, proofreading and typesetting. Clare has given me insight into what the upcoming year is looking like for Fledgling Press in terms of publications and involved me in all aspects of what is coming up. Including me in part of this has made this experience particularly interesting. We have discussed manuscripts, print costs, paper type, typeface, editorial, marketing, events, and more. I have been very lucky to have such an in depth and exciting internship and I have enjoyed every minute of it.

One project that we have been working on is one of Fledgling Press’ new books A Silent Voice Speaks: The Wee Indian Woman on the Bus. The book is the memoir of Trishna Singh OBE, who was born in Glasgow as a first-generation Scottish Bhat Sikh. Her mother and father came to the UK after the Partition of the British in 1947. Trishna left school at 13, and at 19 moved to Edinburgh after her arranged marriage. The memoir sees Trishna question the cultural customs for women in her community and ultimately founded the Leith Sikh Community Group, Sikh Sanjog. Sikh Sanjog is an organisation that provides support for women in the Sikh community who had been settling in Edinburgh since the 1950s. Trishna’s memoir tells her compelling, inspiring and heartfelt story.

Image: Cover of A Silent Voice Speaks

I have worked with Clare on A Silent Voice Speaks through its various stages from proofreading the edited manuscript, typesetting, and marketing for its publication on 8 June 2022. This has been an exciting process for me. As any reader remembers the first book they read and loved, I will always remember working on A Silent Voice Speaks as my first publishing project.

Clare has given me an extensive insight into the publishing industry confirming that this is the industry I am passionate about working in. Interning has been an invaluable experience.

A Silent Voices Speaks is available to pre-order here.