Coming into 2019, I’d successfully completed the first three modules of the MSc Publishing course. The skills I acquired through Publishing in Context, Publishing in Practice, and Fiction and the Fiction Market, strengthened my knowledge of the industry and market research, as well as enhanced my design and editorial skills. I began the Publishing Placement and Professional Development module in second trimester fully confident in my ability to secure a 10-day work placement before the end of the term.

With social media platforms being a free and far-reaching means of advertising for job vacancies, I began regularly searching for work experience opportunities on Twitter using the hashtags #workexperience #workinpublishing #publishingjobs #careersinpublishing. While I admit this was somewhat of an unconventional approach, it is ultimately what landed me my placement with Culture Smart travel guides.

I was absolutely delighted to be offered a spot in Culture Smart‘s marketing and publicity department and looked forward to cultivating first-hand industry experience during my time there. Culture Smart is an imprint of Kuperard, a publisher and distributor based in North London. Among the publishers they distribute for are Harper One, William Collins, Simon & Schuster and Random House. The Culture Smart imprint provides essential information and insight on regional etiquette, customs, courtesies, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors for countries worldwide.

In this publicity and marketing role, I created visual and written web content for the company’s various social media platforms, as well as assisted in launching two marketing campaigns. I proactively looked for partnership opportunities to increase the Culture Smart brand. Through research, community outreach and the creation of spreadsheet databases, I was able to secure new writers for their cultural travel blog and boost their social media following by promoting online engagement.

Culture Smart has over 100 guides to date.

In my last week, I wrote a post for the Culture Smart travel blog about my time studying overseas which coincided nicely with their Study Abroad marketing initiative. My post, A Canuck in the Land of Kilts, touched on the bits of culture shock I experienced after moving to Scotland, as well as the meaningful connections I’ve made since establishing myself abroad.

During my placement, I was able to apply my energy and attention to detail to deliver high-quality work. I thoroughly enjoyed working for a travel publisher, and am so thankful for the opportunity and unique experience Culture Smart provided me.