I recently completed a two-week internship for Luath Press, an independent publishing house on the Royal Mile. Committed to publishing well written books worth reading, Luath Press publishes across a variety of genres and topics. I had waited all year to secure a placement and was pleased to hear I was going to get the opportunity to spend time at Luath. I eagerly trekked through the pouring rain on my first day and arrived, breathless and drenched, ready to get to work. I’d spent the past year learning about publishing and it was time to see if my education had paid off.

After a brief introduction to the company by their director Gavin MacDougall, I was handed over to Louise Dickie, Publishing Manager and intern lead extraordinaire. She assigned me a variety of marketing and publicity tasks for my first week. I found this quite useful as I had not had much marketing experience in my previous jobs and was grateful for the chance to get some exposure to marketing from a publisher’s perspective. I designed a booklet that contained author and book information to be sent to festivals around Scotland and updated promotional materials for ScotlandsFest 2017.

I had a varied and comprehensive experience at Luath. Many of the tasks I was given I had only learned about but had never actually executed. I drafted blurbs for forthcoming publications, read through unsolicited manuscripts and had the opportunity to learn and use new software. I wrote an invitation letter to authors, updated information on AI sheets and helped edit a manuscript. Along the way, I was given valuable feedback from Louise and Jennie Renton, and was able to see what I was doing well and what areas I could improve.

My time at Luath was a rewarding experience. I was able to observe and participate in the day to day operations of a publishing company, and utilize the skills I had developed on my MSc Publishing course. I welcomed every opportunity and task that came my way as it was a good chance to truly experience life in an independent press. Perhaps my greatest comfort was realizing that my time on the course was adequately preparing me to enter the world of publishing. Sure, I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I’m pleased to know I’ve been given a good foundation.

I highly recommend a placement with Luath Press. The people are lovely, the views are great and the experience is invaluable.