Applying for a placement is a very important task – for any young person it is vital that they choose something that both strengthens their CV as well as helps them to gain experience in relevant areas; areas which they would like to work in.

I considered all of this as, when investing my time in a placement, it is important that I get experience working with scripts. Therefore I made sure to angle my work in University over the year as well as target my applications to specific placements. For example, my CV is very strong on theatrical experience, from stage management to Dramaturgy, but it is weak on the business side, with most of my experience being administration work. Therefore, when the opportunity to work with Publishing Consultant, Ann Crawford, was offered, I was very excited. I knew this would be a chance to expand my experience in many ways.

Ann has a very well-known and respected reputation in Scotland and when she interviewed me she was not only professional but very kind as well as excited to allow me to gain experience in this area. For someone with Ann’s experience to provide me with such an opportunity is a real confidence booster, and shows other (potential employers) that I am worth taking a risk on. This chance to work with someone with such a wealth of experience is why I felt that working with Ann would be an amazing opportunity for me. While it is early in the process I am very excited to do the work, and get the experience.

For young publishers starting out, it is hard to put into words how much it means when lecturers find us exciting and relevant placements, and the gratitude we feel when experienced professionals put their trust in us.

I am excited to start on my publishing journey – watch this space to see how I get on!