My Summer Placement at Canongate Books

Before I even knew I would be doing my placement at one of Scotland’s most successful independent publishing companies (it’s probably worth noting here, also one of the most successful independent publishers in the UK), I always thought Canongate was pretty cool. The company has a reputation for producing books that are just that little bit off-the-beaten track, and they certainly don’t seem afraid to put their neck out for something they believe in. 

After spending three months interning in their busy Editorial department … with the helpful guidance of Joanna Dingley, Assistant Editor, my opinion has not changed. In my eyes, they are still pretty cool. 

Spending almost three months this summer assisting the Editorial team, mainly with submissions and manuscripts, allowed me a valuable insight into the editorial processes, from commissioning ideas, submissions and acquisitions to dealing with proofs and cover copy. I also had the pleasure of meeting some great authors such as Michel Faber, who made my day when he popped in to the office to read some of his new poetry, and Matt Haig, who I am also a big fan of – if you haven’t read The Humans I strongly recommend you do so now!

The team were great, very supportive and appreciative of my help. It was a pleasure to have worked with them, and I must admit I was rather sad to go. It has been a fantastic learning experience and I would certainly recommend a placement in Canongate’s Editorial department to future students wishing to gain a similar experience in such a warm and welcoming working environment.