If anyone finds this message in a bottle, be warned. What you’re about to read might be hard to believe. What an adventure my friend Barney and I have been having in Brazil! We escaped a band of pirates, survived a huge storm and have ended up in paradise. What a stroke of luck! We’ve seen some amazing animals which you would never see in Ashford. We’ve also made friends with a hermit who is showing us the ways of jungle life. He’s given us new clothes, and our very own hammocks to sleep in. They’re surprisingly comfy. The hermit has told us amazing stories about Brazil, did you know there are huge diamond mines in the mountains? Barney seems really excited to see them, so I think we’ll be off on our next adventure soon.


Where will Martin and Barney end up next? There are definitely more adventures to come and they’re all in a new book called The Adventures of Martin Rattler

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