Have you ever thought about working for a company that publishes books on bodywork, yoga, osteopathy, pilates… Well to be true I did not, but after a look at their website, their products and a lovely interview, there I was, Editor Assistant at Handspring Publishing.

It is quite scary when you realise how little you know about their publishing subject, and also very exciting to work for a rather new and small company.

In a small house like Handspring Publishing you feel more quickly integrated because you are not another intern among the other, in fact you are the first one they ever had!!!


At Handspring Publishing you better like every aspect of the publishing world because every day is a new challenge and you find yourself working with someone different every time. You will need to be creative as you will have to promote some books about things you have never done, know you way around excel and discover new softawares and this is just the beginning because you are better like, skyping, writing, reading, searching, database, mailing, contributors agreement, debating on subject, long board meeting, secretly looking what Biotensegrity mean and realising how little you did listen in physics class…

In fact if you are not willing to discover fully Handspring Publishing do not go there, because never in your life will you find such a lovely team always to answer any of your questions, help you with everything and never losing patience when you do not understand.

Those ten days went so fast, that it might be the reason why I will definitely stay a bit longer.