Image courtesy of White Light Media


If you have any interest in magazines then you have probably seen some of the work that White Light Media have produced. Until beginning my placement here I was unaware of the scale and variation of their projects. Having been shown their inspirational Hot Rum Cow magazine numerous times throughout the course of my degree by various different guest speakers, it is safe to say that I had become somewhat of a fan girl. As you can imagine I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity of a two-week placement at White Light Media and so was suitably nervous on my first day.

Unlike others on my course I was confident that my placement would not revolve around creating databases and photocopying – I had faith that my placement would be more hands on. I was more concerned about my ever-increasing clumsiness and the worry that I might cause some irreparable damage to either their work or the office itself.

I had mentioned previously that I was interested in the design side of the business and I was given plenty of opportunity to develop my creativity. On my first day, I was tasked with redesigning spreads for a new magazine they are producing, and was asked for my interpretation of the brief. … Throughout this process I was offered helpful feedback that allowed me to refine my designs and create a neater, cleaner end product.

The project that I was most excited about was being able to redesign an article for Hot Rum Cow. In addition to redesigning it, I also had the opportunity to commission some illustration work for the piece. This involved finding an illustrator and writing a brief explaining how I wanted the artwork to look. I was provided with details on all of the different fonts and layouts that they use in the magazine and then given free rein to design it however I saw fit.

Working at White Light Media has been a fantastic experience and I would highly recommend it to any budding publishers interested in magazines. The scope of their work means that no two days are ever the same and there is always something to be getting on with – you will never be left twiddling your thumbs.

As my first venture into the world of publishing, I think I hit the jackpot. My time here has been everything I hoped for and then some. The team made me feel welcome from the get go and I have learnt some invaluable guidance that I will carry forward into any future career that I may have.