PPA_SCOTLAND_SQUARE_CMYKDigital Debate – 30 January

Last week Postgraduate Publishing were delighted to host the PPA Scotland Digital Meeting. The event was held at our Merchiston Campus, and was followed by the chance to network with industry professionals over a glass of wine. Speakers were:

> Flipping Pages founder Peter Houston asks what does good digital content look like? With audiences fragmenting across an ever expanding range of digital channels, how do publishers define content quality? Is is all about metrics – social shares, page views, visitors, time spent – or are there enduring measures of quality that transcend the platform?

> White Light Media‘s Creative Director Eric Campbell and Senior Designer Adam Wilson, discuss the challenges faced by content marketers when creating an effective digital magazine for clients, as well as their digital strategy for their own magazine, Hot Rum Cow.

> As the new Head of Digital at DC Thomson, Kirsten Morrison has focused on the newspaper side to the business since taking on the role in April 2013. Discussing the company’s strategy and the challenges they’ve faced, Kirsten will present the lessons she will be taking forward from newspapers in her approach to magazines.

This exclusive PPA/PPA Scotland member meeting was open to lucky students on our Publishing courses.