From 24th May 2013 to 4th June 2013, I competed a placement at the 2013 Annual Leader Conference of East China Children’s Publishing Group in Qingdao, China. The group is one of the cores of the Chinese Children’s Publishing Industry, with six Chinese children’s publishing houses as members. The attendants of this conference include the member publishing houses’ chief editors, vice-chief editors, and directors of editorial office, distribution departments and production departments. Beside these internal professionals, the invited retailers, writers, literary critics and media also attend. This is a forum to conclude the yearly work, report on the achievement of the group’s annual book trade fair, discuss the problems met in the past year, analyze the current situation and trend of the industry and market, draw up new goals for the next year, and honour the award-winning books and the excellent employees.

As the member of the preparation team, I was in charge of the organization and preparation issues. My duties comprised scheduling the agenda; allocating roles; confirming the number of guests and their arrival/departure time; arranging the accommodation, meeting place and meals; designing the visiting route; preparing promotion materials; contacting with media; etc. Beside the team work, the other important task for me was to draft a speech and speak in the opening ceremony.

After many preparations, the conference opened on 4th June. That was a busy day, which impressed me deeply. At the opening ceremony in the afternoon, several guests made excellent speeches, which focused on the current publishing industry and market situation, current reading habit research, the relationship among publishers, retailers and readers, the internationalization of Chinese publishing industry, the control of cost, and so on. On behalf of Fujian Children’s Publishing House, I made the speech – Thoughts on the practice of UK publishing industry – Based on my study experience in UK. It’s an opportunity for me to share study experiences in UK and my thinking about the difference between Chinese publishing and the world’s publishing. During the dinner party, I had the chance to talk with some famous publishers and professionals from the media. We exchanged ideas about all sectors of the industry, and about the current UK publishing situation.

It’s a wonderful placement experience for me. It’s not the first time I have attended this kind of conference, but it’s actually the most significant one so far. I’m glad that I can say I have some practical experience about the world’s publishing, had a chance to share my ideas about international publishing, and also reflect on what I need to learn and practise for the future.


Group photo of some of the Attendants
Hua Ye ( 3rd from Left, middle row)