Placement at Luath Press


My two week placement with Luath Press marked my first experience working within publishing, and served to further confirm my ambitions to continue doing so.

Upon arrival I was presented with a comprehensive check list of activities and charged with creating a design brief for a new title. My time at Luath challenged me to utilise my newly acquired skills and also to encounter areas of publishing I’d previously shied away from. I finally faced up to my editorial demons and proofread a sizeable chunk of Walter Scott’s The Heart of Midlothian, finding, much to my surprise, that I actually enjoyed it.

During my time I was also lucky enough to indulge my inner design-geek by tackling some sample covers. At first I designed a simple cover for up-coming quiz book Ultimate Mountain Trivia to be included on the draft AI sheet. However, once the team discovered just how much I enjoyed production, they let me design full samples for new tartan-noir thriller Blood City. The team were really encouraging and were more than happy to let me experiment.

The Luath staff are a really big part of what makes it a great placement, and there’s a definite emphasis on learning. They really make you feel like part of the team and give you every opportunity to make the most of your time.

In other, yet related news, I’ve just been appointed as the new Production Assistant at Floris Books, so it’s great to be going into my new job with truly relevant work experience behind me. Wish me luck!

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