Images courtesy of CMYK Design

Picking a placement company was a hard decision, but luckily for me I was placed at CMYK Design. After studying the Creative Toolkit module I found myself going in the direction of design. CMYK let me design all day long and I loved it! CMYK is an Edinburgh based company which has been making great magazines and brochures for nearly 12 years.

I worked a full week and then single days for a couple of weeks after. I enjoyed working the full week as it gave me a realistic experience of life in a publishing company.

My main task for the first week was to work on College Valley; this is a newsletter for a local community. The newsletter became bigger this year; it is now 12 pages. I enjoyed doing the newsletter as I got to see the start of the process as well as the end. I enjoyed going through various images and picking the ones that would look best in the newsletter. The most interesting images were ones from a local wedding in which the theme was rainbow colours and science; the photographs were very colourful.

During my time at CMYK I designed a couple of advertisements; this was the first time I had done this and it made me think of another direction to go into career wise. I also worked on layouts for other publications such as The Keeper and Surgeons News.

Images courtesy of CMYK Design

One day I accompanied Don Currie, the Editor, on a quick photo shoot at Pollock Halls. The shoot was for the Edinburgh University Accommodation Services magazine. It was interesting to watch the photographer and Don thrive in their field. So many factors go into to getting a great photograph; you also have to be a real people person.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at CMYK. It was a great place to learn all about the magazine industry. I got to see many different aspects of making a magazine and the team were very friendly and eager to teach me new things. I mean who wouldn’t enjoy a place where Ruby the dog jumped around and cakes were high on the topic of conversation!

For more information on CMYK Design visit their website, twitter and blog.