Myra proudly brandishes the Olympic Torch!

Myra Tait holds Olympic TorchA dreich and dismal Thursday was set alight when the Olympic Torch paid us a surprise visit! The Publishing team at Craighouse were each able to hold this piece of history, thanks to Torch bearer Ron Hunter. Ron is an IT Technician at the University and was nominated by Falkirk Active Schools in recognition of his years of voluntary work supporting budding young runners with the Scottish School’s Athletic Association.

Ron said: “I’m amazed to be given the opportunity to carry the Olympic flame. It’s always nice to be thanked and appreciated for all your hard work. It’s a real honour and afterwards I’ll be keeping the torch proudly on display in my living room.”

As you can see from this photo of Myra holding it, we were glad to have a chance to see the Torch in the flesh before it takes its place of honour in Ron’s home.

Myra provides the admin support for all the (increasing) applications to MSc Publishing. Pat (not pictured) is in charge of processing all the assessment submissions. We think both deserve a Gold medal!

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