Having been unsure about which area of publishing I would most like to pursue, I was pleasantly surprised to find my placement was with an online magazine.

Informed Edinburgh is ‘Edinburgh’s Fastest Growing Online Magazine’ with 52,000 subscribers and over 300,000 views a month. A relatively new company, this hard-working small team was the ideal introduction to the online workplace.

When I arrived to begin my placement I found the team working hard to get everything in place for the launch of a new venture, Informed Deals. This meant I was able to get involved, experiencing firsthand the preparation and problems concerned in launching a new website and business. Knowing relatively little about working on a website I was introduced to various different essential elements of the process. I was soon able to add and amend content, creating templates and writing copy.

The team at Informed Edinburgh made me feel my work was a real contribution to the business, putting my design skills to good use by re-designing their company banner. this brought together both businesses and was incorporated into all the marketing emails and business information. Hopefully this continuity has created a link between both companies, raising the profile of the new site.

Having had the dream of setting up my own magazine and business, this placement has given me food for thought in many ways. With Informed Edinburgh poised to expand, I for one am eager to see where this journey takes them and wish them all every success.