While I was at the London Book Fair in April, I was lucky enough to bump  into Clare Cain, a woman from my undergrad course. Since graduating, she had become CEO of Fledgling Press, a small independent publishers specialising in new authors. After a coffee and a brief insight into the company, I was invited along to the next meeting.

As the Fledgling team are small in number, I was in a unique position where I was given a number of jobs across all areas and was involved in everything from organising an author visit to schools, to helping out with a book launch (pictured is the team after the event) and even editing the first draft of a novel.

Most of my work was done from home but once a week the staff met to discuss any progress from previous meetings. In this environment, every opinion was valued and I soon found myself settling in to lively discussion on book covers and marketing strategies – something I did not expect before I started my placement.

I consider myself lucky to have found a publishing house where my input was valued and I got out of the experience. Not only did I get to view Fledgling Press internally, but I also gained a better insight into how independent publishers cope in the current market and have the opportunity to set themselves apart. I was also able to attend a two day conference on behalf of Fledgling where other independents put forward their ideas, and these case studies from publishers gave me more knowledge than I could have gained through my own study of the industry.