The staff of Hodder Gibson (and me!)

My placement took place at Hodder Gibson in Paisley, the Scottish imprint of Hodder Education – the textbook publisher.

My first challenge was trying to remember which Standard Grades and Highers I sat six years ago, as Managing Director John Mitchell asked which textbooks I had used in school! 

Over the course of my placement, I was given first hand experience of writing copy-editing briefs and text design briefs as well as marking up corrections on proofs and on published textbooks due to reprint. Although I was at first hesitant to write on a book, I was soon scribbling away with my red pen, using the standard proofing marks taught in the first trimester. Not only did I practise skills I had already established on the MSc Publishing course, but I was also challenged to develop my skills in the business side of things such as dealing with budgets, estimates and sales.

In a small office consisting of four people, I not only gained editorial experience but I also gained knowledge of other people’s roles within the organisation, the workflow process and that if more than one person is having coffee, you get ‘posh’ cafetiere coffee as opposed to instant!

An incredibly worthwhile experience, I am extremely grateful for how welcome I was made to feel at Hodder Gibson. The staff went out of their way to make sure I was learning about the industry and doing things of interest – not just learning about how to work the photocopier!