© Image reproduced by kind permission from The Helix Trust

We are all very excited to republish Mollie Hunter’s magical Scottish tale The Kelpie’s Pearls and to announce our partnership with The Helix Project.

The Helix Project aims to redefine the Falkirk area by creating a vibrant new greenspace which is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of local people and visitors every year to walk, run, cycle, sail, and experience what the already well-known site has to offer.

The star attractions will, with no doubt, be the Kelpies lock – two 30-metre high structures in the shape of horse’s heads – to be completed and installed before the end of 2012.

If you can’t wait that long, here’s a tip for you: smaller versions of the Kelpies® might be sighted at the launch of our exciting new Merchiston Publishing title

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