Warning: Haggis on the Loose!

Source: Glenhaggis.com

For many centuries the haggis has stalked the Edinburgh countryside, terrorising locals and unsuspecting tourists alike.

Noted sightings describe the creature as having the beak of a duck, three legs to cope with the Scottish terrain and the shaggy fur of a highland coo.

The haggis is notoriously elusive, so for the less-experienced haggis hunter there are several organised haggis hunts that you can still register to participate in at:


But you must hurry! Only 5 days left to secure your haggis before Burns Night Supper, which takes place on 25th January. Take care, though — the haggis is a tricksy foe; known conspirators include neeps and tatties, who have had roots in the underground for centuries!

Despite this, the haggis remains a much-loved Scottish resident. This national treasure even inspired Burns to write the famous ‘Address to a Haggis’, traditionally recited before eating.

Happy Hunting!

By Emma Stubbs, Kristen Susienka, Amanda Fisher, & Stephen Gaskell

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