The Legend of Craighouse

© Emma Sothern

The nervous group of students waited in Turmeau Hall, not knowing the legend that went before them.

In the plague-ridden year of 1528 the Old Craig building was constructed. It was destroyed in a fire only to be later resurrected from the ashes.

In the 1880s, Grant described it as “a weird-looking mansion, alleged to be ghost-haunted”. By this time it was a lunatic asylum and the ghosts from its history are rumoured to lurk in its corridors.

As the shivering students gathered in the winter gloom, Dave recounted the tale of its traumatic past and enforced upon them the dangers of venturing there alone.

In the infamous winter of 2010, the creepy corridors and the strange happenings in the second floor toilet made this story all too believable. Now, the heating may be back on but the chill lingers…

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