Edinburgh Napier welcomes Christopher Brookmyre to the family as Honorary Graduate.

Scottish novelist Christopher Brookmyre is among figures from the arts, academia and business worlds who were awarded an honorary degree from Edinburgh Napier today.

The Barrhead-bred author, whose award-winning books include All Fun and Games until Somebody Loses an Eye, Quite Ugly One Morning and Boiling a Frog, received an Honorary Doctorate of Letters at our graduation ceremony this morning. He joined around 1,700 Edinburgh Napier students who will graduate at ceremonies held at the Usher Hall on 17-18 June.

“I am surprised, flattered and humbled by this honour,” said the the author, whose recent book, Pandaemonium, marks his thirteenth published novel to date. “As someone who always sought to write the kind of literature students might save as a less demanding treat for when their exams were over, rather than works that might appear on anyone’s curriculum, it gives me quite a glow to receive this kind of academic recognition.”