Pushkin Prizes Update

Pushkin Prizes 2014

Everyone on the team is delighted to say that we have now taken delivery of the 2014 Pushkin Prizes winners’ work! For those interested in how we are working here, we can briefly outline the process we are working to.

When the winners’ work came to us, we scanned them into our computers using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software; this meant that we could edit the work on a word processor quicker than if we had typed out each winner’s work individually.












Once we have converted the work into digital format, it enables the editorial team to begin their work. This begins with a quick read through to make sure that the OCR software hasn’t made any glaring errors or mistakes. Once this is done they print out a copy of the work and do a ‘copy edit’. This is where they write on the paper to flag things such as spelling errors or issues with sentence structure. Then, these changes are made and logged on the digital copy. Next, the team apply a ‘house style’ to the work, so that there is one uniform format throughout each piece of work. After this, the work will be proof read a number of times in preparation for being handed over to our production team! What is important through the entire process is that the entrants’ work is kept authentic. It is their work and we want to keep it that way, so that they can still be proud of their work in ten years’ time.












The production team have already been working away for weeks creating a template and layout of the book all ready for when the competition winners’ work comes in. As well as this they have been creating some amazing potential cover designs. Once they get the work in from the editorial team they can place the raw text into the blank layouts. Then they apply the design house style so that the text is in the correct typeface and size, as well as making the such things as chapter headings and page numbers look good.

These processes are still on going whilst we build up to publication. We will keep you updated with more information about the project, behind the scenes looks and pictures. For other updates follow @EdNapierPublish.


The Pushkin Prizes 2014 – We need your help!

Pushkin logoHere at Merchiston Publishing work is well underway on one of our exciting live projects: The Pushkin Prizes Anthology 2014, a collection of creative writing by Scottish and Russian teenagers aged between 12-14. Now that we have recieved all the winning entries from the competition, the editorial team are working extra hard to get these ready for publication and our production team have started working on some cover designs to make the collection vibrant and appealing.

We feel passionately about publishing the anthology, through which we hope to raise the profile of The Pushkin Prizes throughout Scotland and promote creative writing as a valuable endeavour for pupils and teachers. We hope to promote the project as widely as possible and so are aiming to provide at least one copy of the anthology free of charge to every secondary school in Scotland.

However, we need your help. In order for us to distribute at least one copy of the anthology to each secondary school in Scotland (of which there are more than 400), we require your donations. The aim of this project is entirely charitable as we want to bring a love of creative writing to as wide an audience as possible. With your kind help, we can continue to support The Pushkin Prizes and encourage budding new writers to pick up their pens!

If you’re still to be convinced, we hope our video will reassure you that this project is worthwhile donating your spare change to.  To donate and view our video, please visit this page: http://www.sponsume.com/project/pushkin-prizes-2014



We would like to extend thanks in advance for any contributions to our project!

To keep up-to-date with the progress of the project you can also follow our twitter @EdNapierPublish or for more information on The Pushkin Prizes you can visit their website and Facebook page.