Work experience at White Light Media

White Light Media logo

Since I moved to the UK from France, I have wanted to work on my design skills and my creativity. I started by being Art Directors for both Buzz magazine and my book project, A voyage to Arcturus. These experiences were greatly rewarding, but I wanted to gain more industry specific experience. This is the reason why I reached out to Eric Campbell, Managing Director of White Light Media and Creative Director of the magazine Hot Rum Cow and brilliant designer, whom I heard speak during the SYP Conference, Odyssey 2020, for a meeting, that turned into a 5-day work experience.

White Light Media is a design agency that launched in 2001. They have produced award-winning print and digital products for companies such as Standard Life, Tesco, London Wine Fair and Equiniti. They also launched their own well-written and beautifully designed magazine, Hot Rum Cow in 2012.

It was a bit nerve-wracking to come in into the agency, as this placement was very important to me. But, as I could have expected, the White Light Media team was very welcoming and I was a bit more at ease by the end of the day.

I was given a chance right from the beginning to think about what I wanted to do with my placement and we were able to tick off every task on that list. Interning at White Light Media showed me that design was what I wanted to do and that, with a little more training and experience, I could do it. 

Margot Reverdiau

IMG_3954My name is Margot Reverdiau, I am 23, a French expat’, and currently a student of MSc Publishing at Edinburgh Napier University. I have been studying Publishing for four years now, including three years in France. I was an apprentice at the Edition Milan (Toulouse, France), where I worked as an editorial assistant in the Fiction Department for a year.

My biggest goals include moving to the UK (check), find my path (almost check), reading more (I need to work on that), drawing and creating more (currently working on it), and become a graphic designer – and maybe, if I can, an Artistic director – (on my way to that).

I survive on art and pop culture. I love discovering new artists – musician, designers, filmmakers, authors or illustrators – and publications (my favorites of the moment are Platea and The Gentlewoman) and sharing them with my friends, whether they were a good experience… or not.

You can find me on social media here and here and on my blog/portfolio, here!