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Connect Communications
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On a blustery day in March, I began my placement with Connect Communications. Connect Communications is a contract publishing company that is responsible for work on more than 300 separate publications. My experience with Connect solidified the notion that the magazine industry is a busy one, but that the employees of Connect really enjoy the work they do.

Currently operations run out of two different offices, one in Paisley and one in Leith. I worked at the Leith office during my placement, although I did have the opportunity to check out Paisley for a day.

My first day at placement, I felt so welcome, like I’d been working alongside everyone for years. With only six people based at the Leith offices, I was able to learn a lot about everyone working there and share experiences of my own. And I was fortunate to be in a small environment because I always received help when I had questions or needed assistance on a project.

Between editing pieces and writing my own, I was busy… which I was thankful for because I loved being involved. One of my first assignments was on Unfiltered magazine, where I attended (and participated) in a whisky tasting at the Scotch Malt Whisky Society. I would never have been presented with such a unique opportunity prior to my work experience. And I know my family and friends back in America are jealous that I got the chance to try a few whiskies and call it work.

Another highlight of my placement was taking a day to go out to the Paisley office. The Paisley office houses nearly 30 staff members and acts as the primary base for the editorial and production teams. Going to Paisley was important for my learning experience, I was able to see the office working to deadlines and was handed copy to proof through the day, it made it feel like I was a part of the team. After going to Connect, I realised that this type of experience validated my aspirations to work for a publishing company after graduation.

Connect gave me the chance to get involved in so many of their current magazines and projects, from market research, editing, to learning video production. I now have a plethora of skills that will help me in the future when looking for a job. And who knew when I signed up for a publishing programme that I’d end up enjoying the journalistic side of things? While at Connect, I conducted several interviews for their magazines. Instead of being behind the scenes, I was writing the content. I’m very grateful that they allowed me these kinds of opportunities.

I learned so much within such a short amount of time and I felt like everyone at Connect was keen to help me make the most of my stay. I acquired a great deal of knowledge about Connect Communications and the publishing industry while developing skills for the future. I’m looking forward to being able to get a job after graduating from Edinburgh Napier to put these new skills to use!

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Colours of The Camomile

Colours of The Camomile
Colours of The Camomile

The paper has arrived!

Our coloured printing paper is here and is in transition from being beautiful coloured paper, to beautiful Paper Teacups.

Once we have completed the Teacups, they are making their way to the London Book Fair where those attending can receive these as handouts.

Stay tuned to see a sneak peak of our promotional material next week…

– The Camomile Team

The Camomile – Advance Information Sheet


The wait is over!

The MSc Publishing students bring you the Advance Information Sheet for our current book project, The Camomile by Catherine Carswell.

We have worked hard on the AI Sheet design, perfecting it for public release.

Therefore, The Camomile team is pleased to present you with our first edition AI Sheet.

As our republication progress continues, check in for new updates by following us on our Twitter and our Facebook Page.

Last but not least drop by and peruse our website. You can “Meet the Team” while you’re there!

Click here to download our Advance Information Sheet.

Keep Calm and Buy Baked Goods = HUGE SUCCESS

MSc Publishing Programme - Keep Calm and Buy Baked Goods fundraiser
MSc Publishing Programme – Keep Calm and Buy Baked Goods fundraiser

The MSc Publishing students have accomplished yet another fundraising success! On February 20th our publishing team raised over £240, which will assist in financing the prospective republication of our selected novels, The Camomile and Grimbold’s Other World.

Napier’s Merchiston Campus was extremely busy the day of as students raised funds by selling copious amounts of delicious baked goods to fellow comrades and staff.

In honour of our novel, The Camomile, the theme of the hour was vintage early 1900s. As our social media adverts explained, “Celebrate a novel from the early 1900s with baked goods made in the 21st century – we promise!” The day would not have been complete without the classic Frank Sinatra singing in the background as customers indulged in their purchases.

Thanks to all that helped out and to our amazing bakers for quite the success!

Marketing Team Members
Marketing Team Members at work

For more information on our novels

The Camomile

Grimbold’s Other World