Merchiston Publishing

Merchiston Publishing is the in-house publishing arm
of the Scottish Centre for the Book and Edinburgh Napier University.

We publish in two areas, find out more by clicking the links below:

1) Books About Books

2) Books Produced by Edinburgh Napier Students

Merchiston Publishing is the imprint of the Scottish Centre for the Book based at Edinburgh Napier University. The imprint acts as a vehicle for the Centre’s own publications and does not accept unsolicited submissions. The publications – print, ebook and online – are managed by students on MSc Publishing.

There are three ongoing series at the moment in addition to individual publications: The Influence of … series highlighting the contribution that key individuals have made to the understanding of publishing, print culture and book history; The Book in … series covering the history of the book in particular European countries or groups of countries; and the Scottish Classics series for school, prison and other institutional libraries.

The production of many of these titles is supported by charitable trusts and other bodies. Such copies are therefore distributed freely, although a handling charge applies.

To find out more, please email or click the link below…

Find out more….


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