logo ringwoodWhen I first looked at the various courses available, it was the Publishing course that caught my eye, mainly because of the work placement module. I was at the point where I tried a few different areas in the Media world and was excited to apply those skills in the publishing industry. In May 2017 after emailing several publishing houses around Edinburgh and Glasgow I was lucky enough to secure an internship with Ringwood Publishing. Most offers of work experience and internships during that time were based in London which made it impossible for me to apply. However, I was positively surprised when Ringwood got back to me asking me to come for an interview.

Ringwood Publishing is based in Glasgow’s West End and specialises in crime, football, politics, nature and a bit of Scottish fiction. It makes for an exciting mix and provides an insight into a diverse list of books to promote. The company is owned by 15 shareholders and is run mostly by interns. In 2017, I officially joined the Ringwood Publishing team in the role of a Media Manager. It was a varied role as I involved myself in other parts of the publishing process at Ringwood and had a chance to experience a little bit of everything during my time there.

After my interview, I was initially made a reader and co-editor and took those tasks on for a few weeks. This meant that I was also reviewing new manuscripts and creating AI sheets, providing an overview of books, characters and plots. Working with AI sheets came at the perfect time as it was one of the first things we were taught at Napier. It was an opportunity to use the skills I have learned in class and apply them in a professional setting.

Despite learning a lot on the Publishing course at Napier there are certain aspects of the industry that can only be taught in a working environment which was very exciting. I enjoyed working with other interns and learning from them, but also took pleasure in working from home and creating new and exciting social media content.

I truly believe that work experience while at university is an essential part of learning. I had an opportunity to work with some incredible people and made great friends; not to mention the experience itself. It boosts your CV and it also gives you a chance to see which areas interest you the most. I believe that my time at Ringwood was crucial to my increasing love for Marketing & Publicity. It gave me a chance to get a flavour for what it would be like to work with social media on daily basis and how to make it work best. This placement has led me to accept a freelance position at Artmag UK in October last year in the role of a Social Media Manager and Website Editor.  Those two roles were key to my securing an exciting new role at Whiterby. I have recently been offered a Marketing Intern position at Witherby Publishing and will start work on the 14thof May. It will be my first full time job and I could not be happier that it’s with Witherby and within Marketing. It is a dream come true and I cannot wait to see where this opportunity will lead me in the future.