Editorial at JPAAP

PrintI started my first day with JPAAP without any clear idea of what goes on behind the curtains of academic publishing. I will shamefully admit to having been too tempted by the glamorous fiction market to have spent much time thinking about academia.

All I knew was that I was going to be working in the editorial team as a proofreader/copyeditor on their next issue. So, on my first day I took the lift up to the seventh floor feeling slightly intimidated…… by the thought of being a not-even-graduated student having to proofread the works of wise old men.

Kirsteen met me and my fellow student on placement and gave us a brief but thorough introduction on the project, introduced us to the staff and showed us where the tea and cookies could be found.

The next issue’s topic was Student Transitions, such as: transition between different levels of education, into education and out of it, as well as international transitions, and the challenges these transitions bring. Safe to say, it is a topic I am familiar with and have opinions on; making the editorial process interesting and interactive, both as a student reading and as an copyeditor. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a variation of papers, from theory based articles to opinion pieces and ‘On the Horizon’ papers, which report on emerging projects and emerging work.

I also got a small taste of html and Dreamweaver before I finished, something I’ve worked with before, but definitely needed a little reminder of.

Not only has the placement helped me enhance my skills in editorial, it has also given me a confidence boost for when I start looking at my dissertation’s bibliography. When I sit down to work on my own reference list and bibliography, I will be chanting: Even professors make mistakes!

Thank you to Kirsteen Wright for making me feel so welcome and for the chocolates I got on my last day! (They were delicious!)

You can find the issue here on JPAAP’s webpage.

Tonje H.
Twitter: @tonjehefte
Instagram: tihefte

Author: tonjehefte

MSc Publishing student. Edinburgh, Scotland. Norwegian. Book lover, coffee drinker, dog person.

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