Since November I have been fortunate enough to work once a week as an Editorial Intern for Fledgling Press. Fledgling Press was founded in 2000 with the aim of publishing and promoting new authors and voices. Since expanding in 2010, they publish a vast range of fiction, biographies, poetry and historical fiction in both printed and eBook formats. Fledgling Press is dedicated in celebrating of Scottish writers and authors, whilst also hosting a number of debut authors from overseas; and remains one of one of Edinburgh’s leading independent publishers.

After a successful interview with the CEO Clare Cain, I was delighted to be starting my internship with a publishing house that worked to support new voices and talent. Although it’s a long bus journey down to the office in Portobello, there was no nicer view than Portobello beach on a beautiful, frosty morning. Luckily there was always plenty of tea and coffee on offer to help fight the cold!

When I first arrived Clare introduced me to the other two interns at Fledgling Press – Margaret and Ellen – and it didn’t take us long to not only become a small team but good friends. We sit around the one table which puts us right in the middle of the goings on and makes it a welcoming environment to ask questions, chat amongst the team and observe the daily goings on in a publishing house.

As it is a small press, I have been fortunate enough to have the chance to practice working in a range of roles: from editorial to marketing and even a bit of design.

From the beginning we were trusted enough with submissions and proofreading work, giving me the opportunity to practice and develop my editorial skills and further determine that this really is the career I would like to pursue. Only last week did I see the printed and published version of the first manuscript I did the final proofread of for Fledgling Press, and even though I had only made a few changes, seeing a manuscript I had even left a slight impression, published into an actual book was a wonderful feeling.

Since then I have done work ranging from creating AI sheets, pitching for book festivals, proofreading, choosing covers, pitching titles to independent bookshops, working with eBooks and had plenty of opportunity to improve my confidence in Excel and InDesign. My experience has taught me that work placements and internships are instrumental in giving you the ‘hands-on’ experience that is fundamental in getting ahead in the publishing industry, and our a great chance to put into use the skills I’ve learned through my MSC Publishing course.

I would like to thank Fledgling Press for being so welcoming and encouraging during my time there. Their internship programme is a fantastic way to gain and improve a range of cross industry skills and they actively work to make sure your time there is productive and educative. Most importantly, there is always a welcome cup of tea offered upon arrival!