This post summarises the valuable industry experience I gained through my work placement with Bright Red Publishing between September and December 2016.

From day one, the whole team were very welcoming and, despite my lack of publishing knowledge, helped me to build my skills through a range of challenging introductory tasks. Throughout the placement, I learned about design, marketing, author management, contracts, copyright, and lots and lots about editorial!

Before applying, I had little knowledge of the publishing industry but I was instantly drawn to Bright Red Publishing because I had used their textbooks at school and, unlike other study resources, I had positive memories of their bright colours, lovely images and user-friendly design.

Gaining experience in a small company was brilliant for me as it meant that the tasks could be really varied from hour-to-hour, and I was constantly learning from the team’s combined wealth of experience. Among the most rewarding tasks was when I was given an updated section of a textbook to proofread, and then seeing the corrections I had identified included in the revised set of proofs a week later.

Over the course of the placement, I would meet the Directors, Alan and John, Publishing Manager, Rosie, Marketing and Sales Consultant, Sabrina, and Creative Director, Caleb, as well as a host of freelancers and writers. I was fortunate that my placement day coincided with the Christmas party, a great opportunity to meet even more individuals involved in educational publishing, all of whom were eager to give me valuable advice and insights.

Completing this placement was not only enjoyable and educational, but helped me to set myself goals to achieve my career aspirations. The time I spent at Bright Red Publishing was a brilliant introduction to a career in publishing and I came away with a greater range of valuable knowledge and skills than I had at the start of September. I will always be grateful to everyone who helped me in achieving this, and I look forward to seeing how this excellent company progresses in the future.