Hello old Rattler-teers…

…and welcome new explorers!


Martin Rattler and his friends from the Amazon are back, and this time they will help you become an explorer by solving riddles and challenges in a new activity book from Merchiston Publishing. Here you will find books and authors connected to Edinburgh, as well as illustrations and characters from the novel.

MSc Publishing class of ‘16/17 will be visiting local primary schools in connection with Book Week Scotland to see what P6 and P7 think of the activity book. We are really looking forward to hearing children’s attitudes towards reading, and their feedback will contribute to our market research.

The torch has been passed on, and the new Martin Rattler team consists of Social Media, Event Management, Podcast Production and Design groups.

If you would like to follow Martin and his friends, and to see podcasts introducing the teams, we will be posting regular updates on Twitter and Facebook throughout Book Week Scotland and beyond.

See you soon!

Martin Rattler Social Media Team – Ceris, Christina, Jenna and Lauren

Facebook: @martinrattlerbook

Twitter: @Martin_Rattler


Author: Jenna Robertson

MSc Publishing student at Edinburgh Napier University

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