Three hour daily round-trip aside, it’s difficult to find fault with my placement at Think Publishing in Glasgow. It’s always hard to anticipate what a work placement will be like and hard to shake the idea that no matter how much work has been done in the classroom I will be hopelessly out of my depth once in a professional publishing environment.

Thankfully this was far from the case and my two weeks turned out to be an enlightening crash-course on how a relatively small team can manage the workload of publishing numerous magazines to deadline every month.

Think Publishing, established in 1999, is an award-winning content and publishing agency with offices in both London and Glasgow. They publish magazines such as the RPS Journal, a member magazine for the Royal Photographic Society and ‘Escape!’ the on-board magazine for Great Western Railway to name but a few!

My main reason for selecting Think for my placement was to gain experience of a professional magazine publishing setting. Their diverse portfolio of publications was a big draw and I felt I would be afforded an excellent opportunity to work with different genres in a dynamic fast moving environment.

My daily view in sunny Glasgow.
My daily view in sunny Glasgow.

Upon my arrival, I was shown to my Mac and given my login information before being set to task. My placement period coincided with a number of publications being finalised and prepared to be sent to the printer. This resulted in a lot of my work being photo research, fact-checking and copy-writing. I also conducted some story research and was afforded the chance to put forward my ideas for some re-occurring features on future editions of Escape magazine.

Over the course of my placement, I gained invaluable experience and insight into the workings and processes behind a professional publishing environment. I gained knowledge of the organisational structures used and the processes used to maintain and improve standards on these publications.

My time at Think was very rewarding. I was given responsibility from the very beginning of my placement and felt that I added value during my time spent there, the ten days flew by!

For more information on Think Publishing, you can find them on their website.