Michelle Dalton

2016-02-07 23.30.54 (2)Hello! My name is Michelle, and I’m currently an MSc Publishing student at Edinburgh Napier University. It’s the latest in a long line of creatively-themed pursuits, beginning with studying theatre at my local college, going on to study English Literature and Film & Television Studies at the University of Glasgow, and, after a few years muddling through retail management, ending up here.

I’ve loved stories in all shapes and forms for as long as I can remember, making up my own as often as I devoured books, films, and television shows. After completing my undergraduate degree, I decided I wanted to know more about the publishing industry, with a view to potentially using that knowledge to help my own writing career. Since beginning the course, however, I’ve discovered a variety of options that I didn’t know were available before – so while my dreams of writing that New York Times bestseller are still kicking around, right now I’m enjoying digging into the complexities of editorial work, rights, and the fiction market.

Outside of university, I can usually be found rambling on about fantasy and science fiction, baking, and (occasionally) knitting. I can also be found on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Author: Michelle Dalton

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