Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 12.55.17I started my placement at Black & White Publishing on a sunny day at the beginning of June. Their lovely office is located in Leith, on Ocean Drive, just metres away from the Water of Leith. On arrival, their friendly Press Officer Laura gave me the grand tour and introduced me to everyone in the office. Everyone was extremely kind and welcoming. On my first day I was delighted to help Karyn (Editor) with reading and logging the submissions pile, something that I find really interesting and enjoyable. There were even a couple of manuscripts that I thought had potential, including one that I took home to finish!

Before starting my placement I was excited to learn about their recently published title The Ballroom Café by Ann O’Loughlin, an Irish author. Laura was working on press and publicity for that and I helped her with creating enticing mail outs to book bloggers. The Ballroom Café has been getting excellent press coverage in Ireland (where I’m from) and it was great to see and hear the author on TV and radio shows that I am a fan of.ballroomcafe

I also worked on the marketing of one of their forthcoming titles; out July 1st. Did I Mention I Love You? is the first of a trilogy of young adult novels written by young local author Estelle Maskame, signed by Black & White at just 17. Estelle began writing her trilogy on Wattpad, a place publishers are increasingly paying attention to, in hope of discovering the ‘next big thing’. The DIMILY trilogy is set to be huge this summer, with the e-book already reaching number 1 on the Amazon young adult e-book charts.dimily

One of my favourite parts about my placement at Black & White was being given an email-marketing project to work on for the duration of my placement. I worked under Alison (Publishing Director) and Thomas (Digital Production Manager), brainstorming on how to drive email newsletter subscriptions. It was really satisfying to feel like I was making a contribution to the workings of the company, and also to feel like my input and suggestions were valued.

I really enjoyed my placement at Black & White, and am delighted that they have asked me to stay on and work for them, selling their wonderful books. Thanks to everyone at Black & White for their support and a great learning experience.