At the beginning of the Books for Schools Initiative the class was separated into groups and each group then assigned a different area of Edinburgh. Our group was given Niddrie and Craigmillar. We researched the schools in these suburbs and eventually chose Niddrie Mill Primary School. After contacting Niddrie Mill we found that some copies of Treasure Island: A Play by Lynn Brittney would be most welcomed by the school. Treasure Island: A Play, adapted from the Robert Louis Stevenson classic, was published by Merchiston Press in 2012 and beautifully illustrated by children from Edinburgh primary schools. We consulted with Merchiston Publishing staff about stock levels and our allowance. It was decided that a donation of thirty copies would be appropriate. This would be enough for a whole class, one for every pupil. We contacted the school again and arranged to hand over the books on Friday morning.

Anne Pettit (Head Teacher), Kirsty, Daiden, Rachel, Christy and Barbara proudly holding some of the donated copies of Treasure Island: A Play.

          On a wet and grey Friday morning our group assembled on North Bridge and took the number 14 bus to Niddrie. For two of our number it was their first trip on an Edinburgh bus, and thus terribly exciting. In Niddrie we got slightly lost as Google Maps initially directed us to the former primary school, now boarded up and decrepit. Not to worry, the beautiful and modern new campus was close by and we arrived in plenty of time. There we met with Anne Pettit, Head Teacher, and handed over the book donation. All were delighted, the required photos were taken and we all went home satisfied and slightly damp.

Kirsty, Rachel, Daiden and Christy, pleased to have successfully completed the task.
Barbara, Kirsty, Daiden and Christy, still pleased by task completion (and by Barbara’s umbrella).
Barbara, Kirsty, Daiden and Christy, still pleased by task completion (and by Barbara’s umbrella).

Barbara Arrighi, Christy Brown, Daiden O’Regan, Kirsty Woods and Rachel Cree.