Palimpsest Book Production Limited

I was extremely happy to have secured a place at Palimpsest Book Production for my work placement. Previous to my placement I researched various companies and found Palimpsest’s place in the industry to be perfectly in sync with my interests. Having not been aware of their existence until this research, I was surprised to find they were one of the UKs leading typesetting firms. Their services cover a full range of pre-press production, including typesetting, digital publishing and design. They also have an in-house proofreading department to ensure quality control over their work. 

Having travelled to Falkirk, where Palimpsest is based, I was met by Steven from the proofreading department. After some initial guidance I was set to work in my first week on numerous proofreading tasks including checking cast offs, page proofs and revises. It was great to get some hands on experience so quickly, and good to put to use some of the editing skills I had learned during my publishing studies at Edinburgh Napier. Steven was very helpful with feedback on my exercises and I quickly learned the centrality of quality control to the business.

Throughout my first week I also sat in with operations and customer services which enlightened me to the vast amount of logistical and organisational tasks required to keep things running smoothly. As Palimpsest is not a publisher, but rather a service provider for publishers, I became well acquainted with the needs of individual publishers, which greatly increased my understanding of the industry as a whole. 

During my second week I sat in with the production department. Here I got to use my InDesign skills when performing revises of proofs. I came to realise my skills were far short of a professional typesetter, and I am very thankful to the production department for happily helping me with my numerous queries. Typesetting can be one aspect which is overlooked when assessing the publishing industry, but it is clear from my experience that good typesetting requires a great deal of knowledge and experience and is of central importance to publishing. 

For one day I was also instructed in digital publishing by Becky, who was kind enough to give a lot of her time to teach me the entire process of producing an ebook. I learned some extremely important new skills and knowledge and became aware of how Palimpsest are dedicated to moving with new developments. 

I wish to thank all at Palimpsest who gave their time to give me a new insight and skills, which will stand me in an a lot better position to advance in the industry. 

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